Pizza for Pennies

I was reading on the Yahoo News today that a surprising number of families order pizza on the day after Thanksgiving. I guess people figure they devoured enough healthy food like carrots and yams on Turkey Day to justify following it up with a Junk Food Day. Sure it tastes good, but how do you feel a few hours later? Even if you have the metabolism of a horse, you are still out the twenty bucks you paid the pizza boy.

How about preparing “pizza” that is on the pennies budget? First take some pita bread, tortillas, or chapattis (the flat round bread that the Hunzas eat) and lightly toast it in the toaster oven. Take the toasted bread and spread pizza sauce over the top of it. Now add any of your favorite toppings (salami, anchovies, green or red peppers, cooked hamburger, mushrooms, green onions, or even some of that leftover turkey), pile on the grated cheeses, and broil it in the toaster oven. I guarantee it is more delicious than the delivery pizza and it tastes even better knowing that you didn’t spend that twenty spot!

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