Using commonsense

I had a friend who used to work for one of the major advertising companies. She told me they found out that housewives would pour a whole box of baking soda down the drain to make it smell fresh. Although they knew this didn’t necessarily make a huge difference, they promoted it on the back of the box as it was a great way to sell more baking soda.

I have found I need only about 1/3 of the recommended laundry detergent to get a perfect wash. (I used to use their suggested amount and my clothes always felt like they still had soap in them despite using an extra rinse cycle.)

Lately I have been stretching out some boxed cake mixes by using only half the amount and adding a couple of eggs. Besides the money savings, the cakes have proportionately less sugar and more protein. And, my husband tells me they are the most delicious cakes he has ever tasted!

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