Tip of the day on credit cards

When you start getting credit cards, you can be “wooed” by the different companies t0 get a new card – bonus frequent flyer miles or money, free ipod, etc. I, like most other people, like getting free gifts. It was only after I had way too many different companies’ credit cards that I discovered you credit card rating can be penalized by having too much credit allowed by so many cards.

Tip of the day: limit your cards to one Visa and one Master Card. I found when I was in France they preferred one of these, and in Italy the other. (The third card I have is a business Amex Card. I find American Express customer service to be heads and shoulders over the others. A few scams have tried to put charges on my card, and American Express handled them for me immediately so that I did not have to deal with it further.)

It also is nice to only have to carry a few cards, as then if one gets lost or stolen you would know immediately and report it.

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