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I had a wonderful at-home vacation. Next spring we will be going to Europe, so I didn’t mind saving the pennies on this holiday. And we are having such beautiful weather here it is a joy to be in Florida this time of year!

Has anyone checked out ?It really is a wonderful free entertainment that is also helping others. I have now “released” 3 books into the wild. They were hid really well, so I can only assume that someone who went to the site found my entry as to where it was hidden and found it. I hope they enjoy it. We have such fun taking walking excursions to the different sites and seeing which books have been “captured”. There is one book that was hidden in a palm tree (wrapped in plastic well stuck into branches so that it could not fall out) and it is still there after one week. We probably have about one hundred books that could be re-cycled to others, so that can keep me busy for some time.

I am hoping that someone that has used bookcrossing will comment.

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