Pet Tips

We have a male cat who is generally pretty good with his housekeeping manners. Bu the other day another male cat was outside and our cat felt the need to assert himself my “marking” the bathroom with his spray.  I cleaned down the entire bathroom, but the odor lingered. I thought about hiring the cleaning lady to do a further scrub down, but I wondered if she would do any better than I did.  After all, I had the greatest motivation  to get rid of the scent.  Then, I remembered I had a bottle of Pet-Zyme in my cupboard.  It had worked well with carpeting.  Would it also work on ceramic and tile?  I was desperate, so I sprayed the entire bathroom including the walls and cabinets and floors and bathtubs, ad nauseam. I let it do its magic for ten minutes, and then I rinsed everything down real well. The bathroom actually smells the freshest it has smelled in a long time. And, as an  added benefit, I notice that it also was a good stain remover in general.

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