Costly Operations

My handyman told me an interesting story today.His wife just had her gall bladder taken out. The doctors told her the the gall bladder was an unnecessary organ and she would be better off with it taken out. She went ahead on it, as she works for the government and has great insurance. The operation cost $15,000.00 but she only had to come up with one hundred dollars and the rest was paid by the insurance.

I tried to maintain calm while he told me the story. The damage had already been done, so the only thing I could do was smile and offer my wishes for her quick recovery.

The rest of the tale is a bit ironic. She got the operation to solve the problem that she often felt bad after eating greasy fried food at inexpensive restaurants. Now, you and I both know that if she would have just stopped eating junky foods and starting eating nutritionally, she could have avoided that painful operation. Also, after a quick search on the internet, I found out that she will still not be able to eat greasy food. Evidently, after the body has its gall bladder removed, the body solves any problem of undigested fat by making any food in the intestine quickly eject from the body.

One can induce the following dollar-saving lessons:

1 ) Avoid junk food. This is one case where it is penny saving and dollar foolish to economize by eating at fast food diners.

2) Cook nutritious meals at home. Save money by buying fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Don’t waste money on white flour products. Use whole grains. Eat smaller portions of meat to save both money and fitness.

3) Don’t let the doctors dupe you into unnecessary operations and dubious medicines just because the insurance company will pay for most of it. Any time you go under anesthetics and the knife you are risking the possibility that something could go wrong. Taking medicines like antibiotics are sometimes necessary, but usually there is a natural remedy which works as well without any of the side-effects.

My stepfather is ninety-four years old and is still going strong. He attributes his good health to never going to the doctor and never taking any medicine – not even aspirin. He really enjoys life. He plays five or six musical instruments and he plans to live to be over one hundred.

While I think physical check-ups can be advisable on occasion, I do think it is remarkable that my stepfather is physically active, has a very good memory, and is basically still enjoying his daily life.

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