Saving Teeth

We all like to have nice white teeth. And we want to keep all of them. And without any cavities … or root infection… or gum disease…

I now feel it is possible to have healthy teeth and gums without becoming a fanatic of dental floss and whitening solutions. Here are the tips I have learned so far:

1) Use a good electric toothbrush. Spend enough time so that all the teeth on all sides can be cleansed.

2) Although I have been endless told to use dental floss, I have never been faithful to using it. I find it pure torture to do – probably because my teeth are very closely space together. But I have been using a water pick and it seem that it also does the trick as my gums have been improving over the years as I continue to use it.

3) I used to drink a lot of sweetened vitamin-C drinks. Since I have substituted an unsweetened vitamin-C powder, I have noticed my teeth are no longer a magnet for tartar and my gums are healthier. My dentist told me that she had discovered the same thing for herself. (You can buy the vitamin-C powder from Vitamin Shoppe and it isn’t that expensive.)

4) I have decided to immediately brush or rinse as soon as I finish any espresso drink. It seems that this drink is particularly prone to darken one’s enamel.

If anyone else has any other tips, I would love to read them in the comments.

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