“New Clothes” for no cost

I have been looking for new clothes that I like. First, the maternity style shirts and dresses that are in style for non-maternity women are not flattering to those of us who have the “upside-down triangle figures” (biggest in the bust). While I was browsing the clothes shopping sites on the internet, I had this realization that a lot of clothes in my closet are still very cute and apt for my figure – but some just need to be updated or made more suitable for my style.

I decided to go shopping in my recycle bag that was earmarked to go to the Goodwill.The first item I pulled out was a good brand short sleeved jean shirt. I had bought it on sale, but was never happy wearing it as the sleeves were a bit on the tight side. I guess that was why it was reduced in price, as my arms are in proportion to the rest of my body and I usually have no trouble with getting a good fit in this area. (We won’t talk about my waist!)

So, I removed the sleeves and noticed that that made a very cute jean vest. I wore it that day over a short dress and some boots and even got a compliment on my “new” outfit. Total cost = ten minutes to remove the sleeves. No sewing was needed.

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  1. Eddy says:

    Too used to go online for shopping…. so happy for your new outfits. Well, got new T shirts for me from SpreadShirt.

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