More no-cost “new outfits”

What shall I wear today? I pull out my favorite long white shirt (still nice and white as I only wear it occasionally and then always launder it before returning it to the closet). Then I find a nice leather belt I really like as it is long enough to wear it on my hips. (Good for the upside-down triangle figure as it can give the illusion of a longer waist and it tends to disguise the middle area.) I leave the house dressed in skinny jeans tucked into some black suede boots, my crisp white shirt with the low-slung black belt. It really looks just as chic as anything in Vogue or “W” or Glamour.

Postscript for the day. I mainly dress for myself. I like to be comfortable and look neat and cute and fashionable, at the same time. There are some people who think fashionable-comfortable are an oxymoron, but that is not the case if you shop with natural fabrics in good brands – and try them on in all postions before leaving the fitting room. I felt great today and it as a result all that I did today went fabulous too. And although I don’t live for other people’s approval, I did notice I got more admiring glances. The men thought I looked foxy and the women approved as they saw an easy fashion they could attractively don also.

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