Natural remedies to handle fleas on Cats

Garfield had been suffering with fleas. I used to buy the vet remedy which put the toxic preventative on the back of his neck once a month.  I used it for about a year and suddenly Garfield started really protesting the treatment. It seemed that it was really burning his skin. The next month I ignored the warnings and put it on again. This triggered the catastrophe of a minor seizure or fit.  I realized that there are major penalties to putting a nerve toxin on one’s pets and I decided I would never again be so cruel and heartless.  I threw the remaining offending chemicals away.

Nest, I googled natural pet remedies and ordered yeast/garlic pills and diatomous earth powder. The results have been very good, but not perfect. I would say we got about 95% of the fleas gone, which isn’t too lousy for Florida. (Yes, I did intend the pun.)

Lately Garfield has been acting a bit lethargic. I went back to the googling, and found out that some cats can be or become sensitive to garlic and even go anemic. So, now I am going to cut out the pills and just continue to use the all-natural powder.

I love my kitty. He is already 13 years old and I hope he lives to be 30. It is worth spending the time to find natural solutions for one’s pet. I think that what I mentioned in my earlier blog on “costly operations” also applies to pets. I probably have the lowest vet bills of any of my friends.

If anyone else knows something helpful to eliminate the remaining 5% of the fleas, please let me know of any natural remedies.

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