It doesn’t take a lot of money to be happy

The majority of people think that the reason that they are not happy is because they don’t have enough money.  They think that if they suddenly won the lotto or the sweepstakes, that all of their problems would be over.  I have seen research studies of people who suddenly came into millions of dollars.  Surprisingly, they were usually less happy and often ended up penniless in the end due to making the wrong financial decisions.

Today I spoke to my ninety-four year old stepfather.  He is an amazing guy who still enjoys life.  He spends time playing musical instruments, making home movies on his DVD camera, and driving around town in his new van. He has never had a lot of money, but he has always looked at life in an optimistic way.  He would rather make someone smile or laugh than ever hurt some one’s feelings.  He doesn’t resort to alcohol or smoking or psychological prescription drugs or other artificial highs.  He just lives and enjoys life to the fullest.

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