My favorite airport

I really liked the Houston Airport because there was a place called “Panchitos” that wasn’t into gouging the customers like most airport restaurants.  For about $5.00 I got a huge plate of food which consisted of two beef and bean tostadas with salad and extra rice and beans. This is a great price, as I have easily spent $12 to $16 for an airport meal that ended up going into the garbage can because it tasted like microwaved cardboard.

It wasn’t gourmet food, or even the best Mexican food that I have ever had, but I had taken my first flight with no breakfast and due to the fact that I was now starving, it tasted great! And I know that there was no MSG in it as I didn’t get the typical MSG-hangover (headache, tiredness,dry mouth) that I always get when a restaurant slips in some MSG flavorings.

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