Something nice about the Midwest

This is my first trip back home to the Midwest in about 20 years.  Since I live close to the beach, the family always came to my house to visit. And I had forgotten how nice the Midwest really is.

There are just little things I noticed that have still not changed since my childhood.  I took a walk down a residential street for about 2 miles.  I noticed that this was not an affluent neighborhood and the houses were small, but there was a real pride to the neighborhood.  All of the lawns were manicured and taken care of.  There were no garbage cans or trash left on the street days after the trash man had come. People smiled to me and were helpful when I needed directions.

My stepfather is living in a small town here in the Midwest. He is still quite healthy for being 93 years old.  I think that the sanity of the town has helped him stay well and happy.

I have decided that I am going to do more to raise the quality of the environment I live in.  I had my lawn boy talk to the neighbor who never cuts his grass. and has weeds that are 18 inches tall. They made an arrangement for him to cut the grass every two weeks. Today this unruly mass was mowed, and our neighborhood already looks more civilized.

There are other things that can be done also.  It you notice drug selling going on, you can make anonymous complaints to the police department until something is done about it. If a neighbor leaves trashy junk in their driveway or yard, you can talk to them and offer to help them clean it out on the weekend.

This trip has been good for me.  No matter what the situation is, something can be done about it!

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