Downsizing my clothing budget

Usually, when I go traveling, I buy so many things while I am shopping that I can hardly get them all in my suitcase.  This trip, I only had one suitcase (so that I would not have to pay an extra fee for a 2nd one).  I had to be very judicious about any shopping I did, so I decided to just buy small accessories that they would not add much weight to my bag.

This turned out to be economical in other ways also.  I went to a thrift store and found five beautiful belts for less than $5.00 total.  They are all like new and quite good looking. And they easily fit into my suitcase with almost no weight. The best buy was one belt that was a brand-new Polo belt similar to the one that I had been eyeing in Nordstroms but I hadn’t wanted to pay $39.  That night I took my stepfather out to dinner with the money I had saved.

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