More shopping in my closet

Yesterday, while I was organizing my closet, I re-discovered  a beautiful white and grey and black pastel dress from Jam’s World that I had never worn, or even cut off the tags. I am sure you may have a situation like this in your closet  hanging there in full beauty and just waiting for tag removal. I had liked the colors and the material at the time, enough to pay full price for the dress – almost $200.  I had a special event to go to that evening and I had hoped that this would be the right attire.  But when I tried it on, I realised that the dress was shapeless and the dress was neither eloquent nor stylish.

Ordinarily, when I shop at major stores like Saks and Nordstroms and I arrive home to be struck with buyer’s remorse, I just return the unworn dress the next day with the tags still on and get a refund.  But I had bought this particular gem at a small shop at the beach where I personally knew the owner and knew that she was struggling to make ends meet.  It seemed the lesser of two evils to just let the dress lurk in my closet in a sea of indecision.

Once I had the dress out of the closet, I could still admire the beautiful material that had originally ensnared me into buying it.  As I remembered how my friend had told me that Jam’s World has a reputation for pricey, high-quality clothes that are good investments because they are well-made and stay in style,  I ceremoniously removed  the tags. I tried it on after I had handwashed it and found out that it still fit nicely.  I realized that the reason  I had never wore it was because although I admired the dress’s simplicity, it lacked style and gave the impression of (horrors!)  looking like something a middle-aged housewife would wear for an afternoon out with “the girls”.

As I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror I realized an easy way to update the outfit would be by adding my new wide grey belt and matching sweater.  I looked at the finished product in the morrow once more.  Voila!  An easy update that I can wear with style.

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