Free Movies

I used to spend a lot of my hard-earned money on DVDs from Blockbuster.  At the time, I justified that I was saving money, as going to the movie theater cost quite a bit more.  But now I mainly pick up DVD’s from the library, and with only an occasion fine of a dollar or two, I mainly have a source for free entertainment.

I just finished watching a DVD which was surpisingly good called “The Tempest”.  This version was made in 1982 and starred John Cassavettes, Susan Sarandon, Gena Rowland, and Molly Ringwald.  It wasn’t until the end that I realized that the names and events in the movie were all a take-off from the Shakesperean play.

If you like interesting comedies that don’t follow the usual “comedy movie formula”, you may like this one even if you aren’t into the classics. Also the scenery from the Greek islands and the music are an aesthetic treat.  And,  I almost feel like I have just returned from a vacation in Greece!

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