Burning off the fat

I found something fun to do that doesn’t cost any money and should end up giving a great result.  Jogging on the beach at sunset.  It is so fantastic to feel the cool breeze and watch the beautiful pink and orange sunset while running on the sand.  The first night I ran after dark.  I suddenly slipped on something wet and very slippery.

So, what are those round things that have washed up on to the beach and look like mini-landmines?  They are jellyfish!  And if you turn them over, you can see their little tentacles.  Luckily, they have been arriving with their poisonous parts dug into the sand, so I didn’t even get stung when I stepped on to it.  But, I have been avoiding walking on them now – just on the remote possibility that someone’s curiosity prompted them to turn one over with a stick and then left it that way in the sand.

I can’t wait until I drop off those unneeded pounds and return to a lighter self!

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