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As I unpacked my suitcase after my last airplane trip, I noticed a hole in my skirt that had not been there when I packed it.  I had this happen once before – I packed a brand-new blouse and on my arrival I unpacked it to discover that it had acquired a small hole.

I was going to throw the skirt away, but I couldn’t quite bear to do it as it is one of my favorite short skirts.  Then I noticed a beautiful red label in one of my more expensive blouses.   I then cut out a few different labels out of different articles of clothes that were all different brands.  The only thing they had in common was that they were all beautifully made in  reds and blues and whites.  I hand-sewed the first one to cover the tiny hole, and I arranged the others around it in a nice design.  It looks like an ironic art statement about branding and it makes me laugh as I get so tired of seeing people flaunt how much they paid for something by openly advertising the brand.

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