The latest fads that you can find for free

If you have an amiable boyfriend or husband, see if they will let you raid their closet for a garment or two.  The latest fashions are: boyfriend jeans (a bit baggy and rolled up at the ankle); boyfriend shirts (either tucked into jeans or worn belted with leggings or skinny jeans); boyfriend cardigans (the longer and bigger the better); boyfriend fedoras.  Now, there is one warning: Only wear one of these items at the same time and be sure and wear feminine items such as something lacy or sheer or pastel with it so that your girlish features are enhanced in the look.

Just so the men aren’t left out in this column – I did see an interesting photo today of a very macho looking chap wearing skinny black pants, a pair of boots, and a blue jean short jacket.  He said he got the jacket at a thrift store in the ladies section. The tight fit made him look very attractive in a masculine sort of way and I never would have guessed that it was originally designed for women. So, what I am seeing here is that a piece of clothing can be imbued with masculine or feminine sexuality and if it is worn with other things you can come up with something very original while still giving a nod to the latest fashion.

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