No more funny business in the White House

I know this isn’t a political blog, but it is not exaggeration to say that who we get in the White House will affect our financial net worth of both ourselves and the country for the next four years.  In one of the Glamour on Vice President.  I have read that McCain refuses to publish his medical history and that his days are numbered due to a fatal skin illness.  For this  reason I responded:

“Concerning Biden and McCalin’s age, I think the real issue is: Do we want Obama or Palin for President? I think the answer is obvious. By the way, my prediction is that Palin will get her own comedy show on the television networks after the election as she is quite a funny personality. I really do like her as a comedian, I just don’t want more funny business in the White House.”

I think I will begin writing the script today.  The name of the show will be “A beauty in the White House” and how an ex-beauty queen becomes President and crashes the country.  I hope some readers comment on their ideas for the show as I really am writing this and I know that Sarah will be happy to be able to stay in the limelight after the election is over.

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