Get up off the floor

I knew a beautiful person – her name was Amanda Ambrose and you may have heard her records or seen her perform live.  She had an incredible voice and she used to practice her piano in the condo directly above us.  I would lie in bed and listen to her uplifting free concert.  I adored her as both a wonderful spirit and an incredible performer.  I still remember one of the song she sang to a large live audience.  I don’t know the title, but the words were something like, “If you don’t want to be walked on, then get on up off the floor!” It always got the audience laughing as the truth always struck a chord. Amanda lived a long successful life and although her body is not with us, I can’t really say she passed away because her aesthetics and humor and friendship are still making this a better planet.

I won’t go into a diatribe on the financial disaster our government has plunged us into, but at this point I think that we all have to “get on up off the floor!” It is never to late to change the future and I am thinking about what I can personally do to improve our little blue Earth.

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