You can still find some good buys on E-Bay

I  used to shop on E-Bay a lot, but then I gradually stopped doing it as I found the auctions were going higher than the price I wanted to pay.  Lately, I have been dabbling in the “Make an Offer” auctions.  It is a lot of fun and here is what I have learned:

Don’t make too low of an offer, or you might not hear back from the seller.  Most offers expire in 48 hours.

Offer less than you expect to pay as the seller will most likely come back with a counter offer which you will then meet somewhere in the middle.

I found a Theory dress brand new with tags in my size.  It retails for $395.  There was a “Buy it Now” for $169 and also an “Make and Offer”.  I offered $51 and the seller countered with $79.  I countered the counter with a bid of $62.50 which was accepted.  There was also free shipping on the dress, so I think I came out very well. The dress is a beautiful red and white pattern and it is all cotton and my size.  And now, I have the fun of looking forward to it coming priority mail in the next few days.

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