Three Wishes

Today is a beautiful day here.  Warm with a cool breeze.  Not a cloud in the sky – but it feels like the calm before the storm.  The election is coming up, and it is a close one.  We are all waiting to see what happens after the Big Day. Here are my three wishes:

1) That the nominee who has been promising change does win the election and does hold good on his promise to start improving the current affairs of this country.

2) That the economy stops inflating the currency and starts getting the country to actually produce worthwhile goods to bring the country honestly into affluence.

3) That the American citizens realize that there is no free lunch and and that we really don’t want a country of welfare recipients who are a slave to the dole system.

I know it may be old-fashioned, but I like freedom and I would like the USA to return to being the land of opportunity (for work not welfare!).

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