My thoughts on dental insurance

If you work for a company, they often will pay some or all of your insurance.  In that case, it works out okay most of the time if you have the right insurance.  One time I worked for a company and got a lot of dental work I had been avoiding getting done, and it was a good deal.

I have not found a dental insurance that is worth the paper it is printed on for the self-employed.  Even on years when I needed a root canal (not cheap!) and crown (also costly), I have averaged spending less on dental without insurance than the insurance payments would cost me. Also, I don’t like that a lot of insurances only let you see the less accomplished dentists as the real pros often are very picky about which insurers  they will accept as they are so accomplished in their profession,  people will just pay out of their own pocket to get the best care possible. This is just what I have found – I am not giving anyone advice on what they should do, of course! One should always look at all the facts and decide for themselves on things.

Anyway, I have found that the best thing to do is to spend time and money on good dental hygiene and when you need something done, get the best dentist you can find.

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