Saving money in the long run

Okay, I promised a personal way to save money so here I am at my computer – just for your! I must tell you that I have just endured a wisdom tooth removal and it was not fun at all.  But that brings me to the topic of a contrary way to save money. When it comes to dental care, I do not attempt to save money by going to a cheaper dentist. I know that in the long run, my wonderful Dr. Behm has saved me not only money but my teeth.

I found out that the price for getting my wisdom tooth removed at the dental clinic would be $250 maximum, but instead I went to Dr. Behm for the $525 extraction.  And it was worth every penney.  Many years ago I had an extraction from your run-of-the-mill dentist.  He actually put his knee in my chest to get the leverage to pull the tooth!  Besides bruising my breast, it was  torture in the mouth as the tooth was extracted.  In contrast, Dr. Behm ensured that I was completely numbed up with a mild anaesthetic.  He also was very gentle in the extraction and he did it in such a way to ensure that the entire root came out.  While it still wasn’t any fun, I was vey impressed with his speed and professionalism.

So, my advice is to pinch pennies using food coupons and sales and Target and thrift stores and Ebay, but if you need dental care, pay for the best. Years down the road, you will appreciate that you still have your teeth with no complications.

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