Drug withdrawal

I normally never take drugs.  Even when I broke my toe, sprained my back, had wisdom teeth extracted – I withstood the pain and skipped the painkillers.  It was tough, but at least then I didn’t also have to deal with the drug withdrawal at a later time.

I needed the anaesthetic to have the infected wisdom tooth extracted.  The dentist gave me several shots  to sufficiently numb up my mouth.  At the time, I appreciated it.   I do feel the dentist did the best possible job that could be done in the situation as I certainly wouldn’t have been able to endure the surgery without being totally numbed up.

Despite everything going according to Hoyle, I still had to endure some bad days as the anaesthetic wore off.  At that point, I was glad that I had not taken pain killers after the surgery.  Going off the anaesthetic was so uncomfortable that if I had had to endure getting off pain killers, I might not have been able to do.  I now understand how women will get a cosmetic operation and then end up hooked on pain killers for the rest of their life.

Anyway, when the anaesthetic withdrawal got bad, I took all my vitamins several times a day with food, and that helped a lot.  I also soaked in a steaming bath while I drank distilled water.  It has now been 5 days and I feel like the drugs are mainly out of my system.  Who would think that a dental  anesthetic would produce such after-effects!

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