Christmas Shopping

My shopping this year is done with a lot of care.  No junk is bought – only things that the receiver will really enjoy receiving and using through the next year. Although I still enjoy looking at clothes for myself, I am now only buying for others.  It really is a lot more satisfying to make new outfits out of the clothes already in my closet knowing that others will have a better holiday.

I queried my best friend as to what five items would be good Christmas presents.  She told me and I have found and ordered three of the five on the internet.  These are all nice items that I know she will enjoy through the year.

My husband and I are getting Thai massages next week and we decided that would be our main gift to each other. I haven’t had one in a long time and I am really looking forward to it.

We asked our daughter what she wanted and she sent us a list of Swatch watches she liked from the Swatch page.   The Swatch store had a deal where the second watch purchase was 50% discount, so we bought her a second one that will be a surprise as it was not on the list.  I hope she likes them!

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