Adopt a pet from the shelter

October 6th, 2008

If you love animals, this is a great time to adopt an animal.  Due to various catastrophes such as hurricanes and economic upheavals, the shelters are overloaded with sparkling personalities that will fill your home with joy and friendship. And, statistically, people who have pets have less illness and live longer, so any pennies spent on pet food will be invested in dollars saved on medical bills.

Get up off the floor

October 4th, 2008

I knew a beautiful person – her name was Amanda Ambrose and you may have heard her records or seen her perform live.  She had an incredible voice and she used to practice her piano in the condo directly above us.  I would lie in bed and listen to her uplifting free concert.  I adored her as both a wonderful spirit and an incredible performer.  I still remember one of the song she sang to a large live audience.  I don’t know the title, but the words were something like, “If you don’t want to be walked on, then get on up off the floor!” It always got the audience laughing as the truth always struck a chord. Amanda lived a long successful life and although her body is not with us, I can’t really say she passed away because her aesthetics and humor and friendship are still making this a better planet.

I won’t go into a diatribe on the financial disaster our government has plunged us into, but at this point I think that we all have to “get on up off the floor!” It is never to late to change the future and I am thinking about what I can personally do to improve our little blue Earth.

No more funny business in the White House

October 3rd, 2008

I know this isn’t a political blog, but it is not exaggeration to say that who we get in the White House will affect our financial net worth of both ourselves and the country for the next four years.  In one of the Glamour on Vice President.  I have read that McCain refuses to publish his medical history and that his days are numbered due to a fatal skin illness.  For this  reason I responded:

“Concerning Biden and McCalin’s age, I think the real issue is: Do we want Obama or Palin for President? I think the answer is obvious. By the way, my prediction is that Palin will get her own comedy show on the television networks after the election as she is quite a funny personality. I really do like her as a comedian, I just don’t want more funny business in the White House.”

I think I will begin writing the script today.  The name of the show will be “A beauty in the White House” and how an ex-beauty queen becomes President and crashes the country.  I hope some readers comment on their ideas for the show as I really am writing this and I know that Sarah will be happy to be able to stay in the limelight after the election is over.

The latest fads that you can find for free

September 28th, 2008

If you have an amiable boyfriend or husband, see if they will let you raid their closet for a garment or two.  The latest fashions are: boyfriend jeans (a bit baggy and rolled up at the ankle); boyfriend shirts (either tucked into jeans or worn belted with leggings or skinny jeans); boyfriend cardigans (the longer and bigger the better); boyfriend fedoras.  Now, there is one warning: Only wear one of these items at the same time and be sure and wear feminine items such as something lacy or sheer or pastel with it so that your girlish features are enhanced in the look.

Just so the men aren’t left out in this column – I did see an interesting photo today of a very macho looking chap wearing skinny black pants, a pair of boots, and a blue jean short jacket.  He said he got the jacket at a thrift store in the ladies section. The tight fit made him look very attractive in a masculine sort of way and I never would have guessed that it was originally designed for women. So, what I am seeing here is that a piece of clothing can be imbued with masculine or feminine sexuality and if it is worn with other things you can come up with something very original while still giving a nod to the latest fashion.

Good time to go to Europe

September 23rd, 2008

I noticed the prices have really gone down on trips to Europe now.  About $500 (includes extra fees) will now get you from New York to most of the best cities such as Rome and Frankfort.  Just search around the net and you will find some real bargains. It is still a good time to see Europe – not too cold and most of the tourists have left.  I am thinking about how I can take a trip now.

Create a conversation piece

September 22nd, 2008

As I unpacked my suitcase after my last airplane trip, I noticed a hole in my skirt that had not been there when I packed it.  I had this happen once before – I packed a brand-new blouse and on my arrival I unpacked it to discover that it had acquired a small hole.

I was going to throw the skirt away, but I couldn’t quite bear to do it as it is one of my favorite short skirts.  Then I noticed a beautiful red label in one of my more expensive blouses.   I then cut out a few different labels out of different articles of clothes that were all different brands.  The only thing they had in common was that they were all beautifully made in  reds and blues and whites.  I hand-sewed the first one to cover the tiny hole, and I arranged the others around it in a nice design.  It looks like an ironic art statement about branding and it makes me laugh as I get so tired of seeing people flaunt how much they paid for something by openly advertising the brand.

Invent new recipes

September 21st, 2008

I have found a form of entertainment which is fun for both the participant and the “spectators”.   Find a recipe you basically like and then alter it with spices and other things that  happen to be in the kitchen.  After a while, you get a feel for which foods combine well together and can come up with some amazing recipes.

I was cleaning out the cupboards – which is a good way to find foods that need to be used up before their expiration date – and I found an almost full canister of carob powder.  My family likes the taste of chocolate better.  Now, despite the media pushing all of the benefits of chocolate (lead by the chocolate marketeers), I know that a little chocolate goes a long way.  Too much leads to overweight and bad skin.  On the other hand, carob has tons of vitamins and minerals and is low-fat.

So, I made a tiramisu with 80% carob and 20% chocolate powder.  I eliminated the white sugar and just used 2 ripe bananas and a few tablespoons of maple syrup.  Now, this tiramisu only has a vague resemblance to the Italian recipe and if anyone has an Italian mother-in-law I would not recommend serving it to her.  On the other hand, my family says it is the best tiramisu they have ever ate –  guilt-free and doesn’t cause an after-shock from too much sugar.

Adding romance to the relationship

September 17th, 2008

An additional note on running on the beach: Have your boyfriend or husband accompany you.  It is super-romantic to be jog together and enjoy the sunset.  And when you have both trimmed down, think of the new positions that can be tried!

Burning off the fat

September 16th, 2008

I found something fun to do that doesn’t cost any money and should end up giving a great result.  Jogging on the beach at sunset.  It is so fantastic to feel the cool breeze and watch the beautiful pink and orange sunset while running on the sand.  The first night I ran after dark.  I suddenly slipped on something wet and very slippery.

So, what are those round things that have washed up on to the beach and look like mini-landmines?  They are jellyfish!  And if you turn them over, you can see their little tentacles.  Luckily, they have been arriving with their poisonous parts dug into the sand, so I didn’t even get stung when I stepped on to it.  But, I have been avoiding walking on them now – just on the remote possibility that someone’s curiosity prompted them to turn one over with a stick and then left it that way in the sand.

I can’t wait until I drop off those unneeded pounds and return to a lighter self!

Buy Jet Blue airline tickets on EBay

September 9th, 2008

The Jet Blue site is now offering seats on Ebay.

Some of the tickets seem overbid (like a four day mystery vacation which is at $3500 right now) but there are a few tickets that may end up as deals.

The good thing is that if this continues as a usual practice, it could be another place besides Orbitz, etc. to find economy tickets.